Antique Oak Princess Dresser

Product #CJ133

Victorian Oak Princess Dresser with a long beveled mirror that has candle shelf holders on each side. There are applied carving decorating several areas on the dresser. Measures 43″ width, 22″ depth and 75″ height. There is a furniture label on the back that reads: The Upham Manufacturing Company Marshfield, Wisconsin, Manufacturers of Chamber Suits and Side Boards. (a little history on the company… William H. Upham and his brother, C.M. Upham, built a sawmill in Marshfield in 1879. In 1881 they opened a furniture factory and veneer mill. Upham Manufacturing Co. was incorporated in 1883. By 1890 the company included a flour mill, grain elevator, general store, railway, waterworks and electric light plant. The 1904 Furniture Journal said the company sold “cheap, medium and high grade chamber suits, odd dressers, chiffoniers, sideboards and buffets.” Upham Manufacturing was in business until 1927.) Circa 1900.

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