Early hand carved painted Wood Toy Doll – Folk Art

Product #W255A

This little hand carved toy is darling. Notice that this little lady will even move. When you pull the string her hands move up and down and her right leg kicks out. The motion that really brings a smile is having the eyes move up and down! ┬áThis little girl has a mammy appearance with the bandanna around her hair. There was so much love and care given to creating this one of a kind toy doll. Just look at the great details and the features of the face. Pug nose, big round eyes, red lips, what a great toy! One hand is missing and the left leg does not move and perhaps it was made too, although it is cute with just the one leg kicking out as well. This little gal measures 8″ high, and is 2 3/4″ wide across the skirt at the widest point, with the arms extending beyond that. Again, this toy animated doll dates to the 1870’s. What an outstanding find and to still be in such great all original condition.
This little folk art toy became available for sale when a Mr. A.M.G. Thomas due to failing health, offered his extensive and outstanding lifetime collection for sale. The sale was held in Meriden, Kansas and the A.M.G. Thomas family said that this toy had belonged to their great grandmother of southern Kansas. They had referenced that this toy dated back to the civil war era. They could not produce any documentation to verify this fact, however they did have other items that they did date to the Civil war time period

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