Eventful Days of a Woman Antique Yard Long Print

Product #P083B

This print is in good original condition showing and properly titled the Eventful Days. This yard long type print depicts the ‘Eventful Days’ of a woman’s life. There is four scenes and each one is titled. The titles are as follows: ‘Graduation Day’, ‘Engagement Day’, ‘Wedding Day’, and ‘Birthday’. Each scene is of the same young lady and her expressions and attire that are appropriate to what is happening in her life. Each of the four scenes are marked in the lower right hand corner and read, ‘1912 – Celebrity Art Co. Boston’, and then in the lower right hand corners they all read, ‘Lyman Powell’. What a wonderful gift this print would make to a young lady, or hanging in her room. The frame measures 21″ x 9″ and each matted scene is 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″. Don’t miss adding this print to your own personal antique collection or again what a great gift this would make. –

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