Antique Fashion Cut Plug Tobacco Advertising Tin

Product #m705

Antique cut plug tobacco tin that advertises, ‘Fashion Cut Plug Tobacco’. This tobacco tin that was then used for a lunch pail measures 8″ wide by 5″ deep and is 4 1/2′ high to the top of the tin lid and the wire bail handle extends upward another 1 3/4″ high. On the underside of this tin impressed into the bottom it is signed, ‘Tindeco’. Wonderful graphics of a ‘Fashionable’ couple are depicted on the sides of this tin that advertises, ‘Fashion Cut Plug’. There is also wordage on this tin that reads, ‘Factory No.1 District of VA – Notice the Manufacturer of this tobacco has complied with all requirements of law every person is cautioned under the penalties of law not to use this package for tobacco again’. Don’t miss adding this tobacco advertising tin to your own personal tobacco advertising collection.

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