Antique Chicken Waterer – Glass Quart Jar with Chicken Water Lid and Advertising Oil Company Venango, Nebraska

Product #CPS05

This is a unique find! This old Ball mason glass canning jar is affixed on the end with a footed lid that allows this jar to be transformed into a watering container for chicks or birds. Notice that there is advertising on the metal lid that reads, ‘Water Em Here and Buy Your Oil Kerosene and Gas at Consumers Oil Company, Inc. – M.T. Frederick, Manager, Phone 12 – Venango, Nebraska’. What a unique and one-of-a-kind advertising gift or premium that this Oil company gave to their customers to encourage and help them to remember to be loyal in their return business back with this unique gift. The lid fits on a regular size glass jar, and the metal feet on the lid allow the jar to rest in a horizontal position to be used as a watering trough for your birds and fowl. This piece measures 7″ long and is 4″ high and has a diameter of approximately 3 3/4″. What a unique piece of advertising!

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