‘Firenze’ Infant with Rooster Bronze Sculpture Statue by Adriano Cecioni

Product #M012

This sculpture is guaranteed to bring an expression and perhaps a vivid memory to ones mind upon viewing this fine piece of art which is titled, ‘Firenze’. This sculpture is that of a screaming child holding a rebellious rooster all while standing above a toy cannon. This bronze sculpture is by the artist, ‘Adriana Cecioni’ circa 1838 to 1886. This bronze came from out of the personal collection from the estate auction of Molly Zoglin an antique dealer in the Kansas City Brookside District. This is a wonderful detailed piece of artwork. The base of this sculpture measures 8 1/2″ wide by 7 1/2″ deep, and the height is 17 1/2′ high. Beautiful marble base and detailed expression on this child and rooster will make this a piece that you will not want to miss adding to your bronze or fine antique art collection.


Adriana Cecioni – Firenze




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