Antique Galle French Cameo Art Glass Rectangular Paneled Vase

Product #G412D

This rectangular low vase is a high-end quality piece of signed ‘Galle’ cameo art glass decorated with a floral theme. This vase measures 7″ wide by 4 1/2″ deep and stands 4″ high. There are eight panels which encircle this vase, and the original condition of this vase is exceptional. Note the detailed layers in the floral designs of this vase. Both the top rim and the bottom base of this vase have a darker yellow tone than the center of this vase, this variation is an attractive feature. I have taken a photo with a black light showing the uranium glow. Don’t miss adding this fine piece of Galle to your own personal cameo art glass collection!


Vase under blacklight.


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