Antique Grandmothers Flower Garden Variation Pieced Quilt

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Product #Q051C

Antique pieced quilt done in a variation of Grandmothers Flower Garden pattern. This is a larger quilt that measures 83″ by 92″ and the quilting in this quilt is 7 to 8 stitches per inch. Note that there have been two different white fabric materials used on the front of this quilt so there is a slight variation of the white hexagon squares, but this is original to this quilt, and it is not from being stained, it is from the two different fabrics being used. This quilt is in good original condition, there is some fading from the sun that is mainly seen on the backside of the quilt on the pink background. Circa 1930’s. Notice the wonderful old print fabrics that are featured in this quilt.

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