Hazelle’s Popular Puppet Marionette Teto The Clown in the Box

Product #T466C

All original and still in the original box this Hazelle’s Puppet Marionette Teto the Clown puppet has never been used, it is in exceptional all original condition. Notice the signature on the wooden cross handle identifying this toy as a Hazelle’s Marionette puppet. There is also an orignial paper insert still intact that gives Airplane control Marioneetes information on other marionettes that you could order. The Hazelle’s Marionettes were made in Kansas City, MO. Excellent graphics are on this paper as well. The box for this toy measures 15 1/2″ long is 5″ wide, and is 2 1/2″ high. The puppet advertises that it is easy to work and Ready to Operate.

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