Antique Fancy Wood Ice Box with beveled mirror – Belding’s National

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This Fancy Victorian Wood Ice Box with oval beveled mirror – Belding’s National is all original. One of the best of the Best!
According to Kovel In 1877 Joshua Hall, an icebox maker from New England, and his three sons moved to Belding, Michigan, and started the Belding-Hall Company. They moved to Belding because of the supply of hardwood for their cabinets. Danish craftsmen with cabinet-making skills had settled there. By the early 1920s Belding-Hall had one of the largest refrigerator factories in the U. S. In the early 1930s, the Depression, it was taken over by the Gibson Refrigerator Co., which is now a brand of Electrolux, part of the Frigidaire Company.
Measures 28″ Wide, 19″ depth and 56 1/2″ Height. This icebox was probably made between 1885-1888. This is one of John’s favorites.


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