Kutani Moriage Dragonware 15 Piece Tea Porcelain Set – Geisha Lithophane

Product #G328E

This is a complete tea set that is identified on the bottom as Kutani – Hand painted Japan. This set is done in the detailed Dragonware design. Kutani Moriage Dragonware tea set with the Geisha Lithophane in the bottom of each of the tea cups. When turned upwards towards a light source, a Kutani lithophane tea cup reveals a clear image of a geisha (woman) on its base. We have taken a close up to reveal this image to you. The teapot measures 7 1/4″ high, the sugar is 4″ high to the top of the finial, the creamer is 3 1/4″. Each of the cups are 2″ high and the saucers are 3 3/4″ diameter. The set is in good original condition.

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