Bradley & Hubbard #5 Brilliant ~ B&H ~ 1894 General Store Lamp or Lantern

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Product #G720D

BRADLEY & HUBBARD “Brilliant Lantern” Heater: Interesting Parlor Stove Configuration with Open Front and Cast Metal Decorative Base on Paw Feet. Removable Kerosene Font and Large Chimney. Removable Finial Top. Name and Patent Dates May 30 1893 and June 12 1894 are molded in the Base. Double Handles. 37″ high to the top of the acorn style finial. 18″ wide by 17 1/2″ deep base. On the lantern its self it is marked, ‘B&H – No. 95’ – Patent Aug. 30, 1892- April 23, 1895.

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