Large Bohemia Royal Dux Porcelain Family Statue

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Product #G204A

Outstanding detail in this very touching Royal Dux statue that depicts a loving family of three. The statue has the father resting on what appears to be a bale of hay and his small son has his arms extending up towards his father for a hug. The wife is standing beside her husband with her arm around his shoulder. Notice that at the base of this statue there is laying on the ground what appears to be a type of a sickle for cutting hay. There are wonderful color tones on this statue that would go nicely with almost any d├ęcor. This statue can’t help but pull at your heart the more that you look at it. There are wonderful markings on this statue. The bottom is marked with the pink triangle ‘Bohemia Royal Dux- E’. Also impressed in the bottom is the numbers, ‘2145’ and the number ’22’. On the backside of this statue impressed in the statue there is what appears to be the letter ‘R’ with a circle around it. Perhaps this could be an artist signature. This piece measures an impressive 19″ tall with the base being about 8″ in diameter.
This is an outstanding Royal Dux statue that would be a highlight in any fine collection as well as making a touching statement wherever you might display it. Don’t miss adding this piece to your fine antique collection.

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