Laughing Boys Bookends by Donetello – Armor Bronze – New York, City

Product #M649

Pair of Laughing Boy bookends by Donetello that are marked by their maker, The National Metalizing Company – Armor Bronze – New York City. The base of these bookends has a metal base as a magnet will attach to the bases, the figural boy portion however is not magnetized. The statues each measure 7 ” high and the bases are 6 ” wide by 2 3/4″ deep. Also, note that on both of the bookends there is a shield emblem with the letter ‘O’ inside the shield. Hard not to Smile one’s self when you look at these bookends.
The National Metalizing Company – Armor Bronze company appears to have started in business around 1900 this is a copy from page 4 showing the bookends.

Book page image

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