Mahogany 5 Sectional Bookcase with Drop Desk Section

Product #F732

Antique Mission Arts and Crafts style original five high sectional mahogany bookcase that comes with a drop desk sectional and has a bottom drawer. This desk was made by Globe Wernicke and there is a full label in the bottom sectional, along with partial labels. This complete unit measures 34 1/2″ wide is 11 1/2″ deep and is 75″ high. The sectionals individually are two 8 1/2″ high sectionals, one 10 1/2″ high, and the fourth is 12 1/2″ high, while the desk portion is 11″ high. This is a functional piece that will store your books or collectibles and provide a nice working surface for your book work or hold your laptop. Don’t miss adding this item to your antique collection!


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