Antique Mechanical Bank Cast Iron William Tell – great paint

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Product #T548C

Antique Mechanical Bank Cast Iron William Tell – great paint. The Bank features the figure of William Tell pointing his rifle at an apple on the head of his young son who stands in front of a castle tower. To operate, cock the launcher and place a coin in front of it. This “loading” of the mechanism also causes William Tell’s head to lower into a position that makes it appear he is taking aim at the apple. The boy’s right arm is pulled down bringing the apple to the top of his head. When the operator presses William Tell’s right foot, the gun fires, and the coin shoots forward knocking the apple from the boy’s head as he raises his right arm. The coin is deposited inside the castle tower, ringing a bell, William Tell’s head falls backwards in relief. The mechanism here is in excellent working condition. The William Tell Bank was patented in 1896 manufactured by J & E. Stevens for a several years. It remains one of the most popular mechanical banks ever produced. This example has good original paint with no touch-ups, breaks, or repairs and comes to you in completely original condition. Measures 10 1/4″ length 6 3/4″ height and 3 5/8″ width

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