Native American Indian Braves Lithograph Print In Decorative Frame – 1904

Product #P234C

This is an exceptional all original Native American Indian subject matter print that depicts Indian braves gathered around a camp fire while one brave appears to have just released a fire arrow towards another camp that is in the background. Notice the detailed work in this print detailed work on each of the braves attire and weapons. One of the best features is the frame and the detailed graphic applied weapons of a knife, gun and arrows, along with detailed beaded accents. This frame measures 29 1/2″ wide by 23 1/2″ high. In the lower right hand corner this print is marked and dated, ‘Copyright 1904 By Taber Prang Art Co. Springfield, Mass’. If you collect Native American artwork or items this is a piece that you will not want to miss adding to your own personal collection.

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