Newcomb College Art Pottery Vase – Dated 1916 – Artist Signed – Floral Theme

Product #G535E

Beautiful Newcomb College Vase decorated by Anna Frances Simpson, potted by Joseph Meyer. This vase has molded flowers in relief, with matte glaze and with blue and green underglaze. Measures 5 1/2″ height, Diameter of mouth is 3 1/2″ – Dates 1916. This vase came from a local collection that had been passed down in the family here in Dawson County, Nebraska.


Newcomb Pottery was a brand of American Arts & Crafts pottery produced from 1895 – 1940. The women’s college is now associated with Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. When the Pottery was first established, any woman who studied art at Newcomb College was allowed to sell wares that she had decorated, provided it was judged to be adequate for sale by the faculty at the school. Eventually the women who worked regularly with the Pottery were designated as craftsmen with a preference given to those who had completed an undergraduate degree and a later graduate studies program with the art department.


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