Antique Nippon Porcelain Molded in Relief Design Humidor with Three Horses Featured

Product #G292E

A hand painted Nippon signed; three horses molded in relief humidor. Dating to the 1890 to 1914 time period, this molded in relief decoration and painted scene of three horse’s heads with raised enameled border and three interlocking horseshoes and raised decorative border is one that you will want to add to your own personal collection. Signature on the bottom has the letter M in the center of the wreath Nippon mark along with the wordage, Nippon – Hand Painted’. Stands 7″ high and is 5″ wide by 3 3/4″ deep. Excellent original condition. This is a beautiful Nippon humidor and if you enjoy horses then this humidor would go nicely with a Nippon horse plaque that we have in inventory currently. These pieces would be a must for you!

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