Antique Mission Arts & Crafts Tall Back Rocker Rocking Chair – Oak Craft Signed

Product #F003E

This is a nice mission oak arts and crafts style rocking chair that was made by Oak Craft and has a back with vertical slats. Notice the signature ‘Oak Craft’ under the arm of the chair.  Notice the craftsmanship which this chair was made with and the pinned design throughout. This chair was a companion to another Oak Craft high back rocking chair, that although they are not a perfect match, they do complement each other well.
This rocker measures 27 1/2″ wide across the arms of the rocker. Is 38″ high, and 32″ deep at the deepest point, and from the floor to the top of the seat is 16″ high.


Oak Craft signature brand Oak Craft Ramsey Alton Mfg Co Portland Michigan

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