Coralay Classics Incolay Pegasus Cameo Cultured Stone Wall Plaque with Attached to Frame

Product #W406E

This Incolay Cameo Pegasus Plaque features a scene in high relief depicting a goddess and several puttos attempting to calm a rearing Pegasus horse against a beige background. This piece is embellished with fasces, floral, foliage, and ribbon designs around the border. Note that this plaque is secured and featured with a fabric background and composition frame. On the back of the frame there is information that reads, ‘A&R Fine Arts Framing – in the Lincoln Trade Center – Lincoln, Nebraska. This frame does a nice job to display and showcase this wall plaque. The frame measures 24″ wide by 30″ high and the depth is approximately 2″ deep with the wall plaque featured.

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