Pete the Pup Cartoon Comic Character Wood Segmented Toy

Product #TJ129

One of the earliest animated cartoon characters was Pete the Pup. He was created during the black and white silent film era in 1925 by Walter Lantz. This is same Walter Lantz who would go on to stardom with his infamous character, Woody Woodpecker.

Lantz drew Pete the Pup for the John Bray studios in New York City. It was his first job. However, his career there was short lived. The company went bankrupt in 1927. The Cameo Doll Co., to memorialize him by producing a full, three dimensional doll.

The head is made from composition material. The body is painted wood strung together with elastic. Pete bends at the top of his legs, elbow, and shoulders. Of course his head can turn as well. His “Pete The Pup” chest decal is 100% intact. The underside pegs in both feet are embossed with the Cameo trademark name. Pete has had no repairs, replacements, or touch-up’s. Measures 9″ high and from arm to arm measures 8″ across.  This piece is one that will be certain to be a highlight in any wood segmented toy collection.

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