Philco Charger Salesman Sample Sky Charger Wind Driven Generator – Parris-Dunn 21 inches height

Product #M068D

This is a unique antique salesman sample wind driven generator that was sold by the Parris-Dunn Corporation out of Clarinda, Iowa. Philco Electronics also was a partner in selling these Skychargers as they called them. This sample is all complete and has the original paper label with detailed information and graphic designs regarding this information.
Some of the wordage on the piece reads, ‘The Famous Patented ‘Slip the Wind’ governing principle – 6, 12, and 32 volt wind electric light and battery chargers.’ There is also diagrams that show how this sky charger operates during normal or strong wind and can also be in neutral out of gear position. There is three different patent numbers listed which would date this to 1936 time period. The metal base on this piece measures 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ and with the wooden blade in the highest position it is 27″ high.
Some of the history of this company and these wind generators follows – Iowa inventor William G. Dunn (1883–1968) originally owned a hardware business in Clarinda, Iowa. In 1936 Dunn teamed up with Cecil Lewis “Catfish” Parris, a marketing specialist, to form the Parris-Dunn company. The company was formed with Parris as President and Dunn as Vice President to sell a wind driven generator for farms to recharge electrical items. The Dunn Governing Principle was able to use a controllable propeller speed with fewer moving parts than other wind generators. The idea was successful with over 37,000 units created the next year that were sold throughout the USA and foreign countries. Philco Electronics contracted with Parris-Dunn to put their well known name on their “Skychargers” and marketed the items to their customers.
What a unique piece of American history and ingenuity, we are thrilled to be able to have found this unique salesman sample in such good original condition.

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