Pickard Lemonade Antique Pitcher Artist Signed – Aura Argenta Linear Pattern

Product #G672C

This is a beautifully done artist signed Pickard lemonade pitcher with gold and silver sections and a buds on the vine type design referred to as Aura Argenta Linear pattern. This pitcher has the artist initials of, ‘O.P.’ which stands for Otto Podlaha. The bottom also has the appropriate Limoges markings, however the markings are partial, and there is an impressed number 32 on the bottom as well. This pitcher measures 6 1/4″ high and is 7 1/4″ wide. The top opening is 4 3/4″ diameter. The handle extends out from the pitcher right at 1 3/4″ more. This is a fine artist signed piece of Pickard, one that you will certainly want to consider adding to your own personal Pickard collection. You can find more information regarding this Aura Argenta Linear design in the Pickard reference book, ‘Pickard China’ by Alan B. Reed, on page 166. –

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