Mettlach Pottery – Punch Bowl with Tavern Scene Signed Warth

Product #G535D

Exceptional all original large punch bowl complete with lid and large accompanying underplate. This punch bowl features the Tavern scene and is artist signed, ‘Warth’. Excellent design, finish, and original condition on all three of these Mettlach pottery pieces that compile this amazing punch bowl set. In the antique reference book titled, The Mettlach Book by Kirsner on page 270 and 271, #1859 you can find this punch set featured. The large underplate measures 16 1/2″ diameter, the height of just the punch bowl while not resting on the underplate is 12″ high to the top of the handles. To the top of the finial of the lid this set when all together is 16 1/2″ high. Both the underplate and the bowl are engraved with the signatures. The punch bowl is inscribed with ‘Mettlach – Gegennachbildung Geschutzt – 1859’ while the underplate is marked, ‘Mettlach – VB Gesgesch 1859’. This is a remarkable set that is in excellent all original condition. What a remarkable find! We have a William & Rogers silver-plated ladle that we placed in the punch bowl to help you see how it fits. If interested we could sell the ladle with this punch bowl and underplate.

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