Antique Blue Satin (Sateen) and Embroidered Ivory Muslin Blocks Quilt – Dawson County, Nebraska

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This is a remarkable early (1918 to 1919) antique quilt that is made with soft blue sateen fabric with blocks of ivory muslin that feature detailed embroidered floral wreaths on each of the muslin blocks. This quilt has some unique history that remains with this quilt. The typed note that goes with this quilt reads:
Beveryle Warnemunde loaned this beautiful blue sateen and ivory muslin embroidered quilt. It was made around 1918 to 1919 and it measures 66″ x 80″. In 1956 Beverlye bought this quilt from Miss Irene Lamma. It was made by her mother Martha McMahan Lamma (1862 – 1950) Miss Lamma was Dawson County Treasurer in the early 1920’s, and afterwards she worked at the Lexington Mill for many years. Her grandparents were Chittie and Mary Lamma who came to Plum Creek with the Philadelphia colony in 1872.
There is also a newspaper article regarding this quilt’s history that states that this same quilt was selected as the ‘Viewer’s Choice’ in a quilt show. This newspaper article states the history of this quilt again. Reading, This quilt was owned by Beverly Warnemunde of Lexington. Made of sateen and muslin by the late Martha McMahan Lamma in 1919. Warnemunde purchased the quilt from Martha Lamma’s daughter Irene Lamma in 1956. The quilt is historic in that Irene Lamma’s grandparents Chittick and Mary Lamma, came to Plum Creek with the Philadelphia Colony in 1872.
This is a beautiful early quilt with local, Lexington or Plum Creek Nebraska history that makes it a real teasure. The quilt has stitching of 7 to 8 stitches per inch.

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