Antique Rose of Sharon Variation Appliqued Quilt – Pink and White Colors

Product #Q042C

Antique original hand stitched appliqued quilt done with a varying pink and green color scheme against the white fabric and done as a variation of the Rose of Sharon pattern. This quilt has exceptional quilting with the stitches measuring 8 to 9 stitches per inch and the size of this quilt is 87″ by 66″. We purchased this quilt in Missouri and we were told that it was made by a woman from Jefferson City, Missouri. Notice the old cotton seeds that one can see when your hold this quilt up to the light. This is a remarkable work of art and to still be in this exceptional condition is remarkable. Look at the close ups of the few spots that are on the quilt, and we did not try to wash or remove any of the spots. This is an excellent early quilt.


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