Rare Mary Gregory Cobalt Blue 3 Piece Barber Set – Sports Theme

Product #G504D

All original antique Mary Gregory three piece barber set decorated with a sporting theme with a racquet and ball sport. This young lady and gentleman are both depicted on the larger waste cylinder vase, and then on each of the barber bottles there is one with the woman and the other depicts the man. Notice that this is a companion set as the man and woman are each facing inward on these companion pieces. The waste cylinder vase measures 8″ high and has a diameter of 5 1/2″, while each of the barber bottles are 9 1/4″ high to the top of the porcelain caps, and at the widest point these barber bottles are 3 1/2″ diameter. This is a rare and unique find to have all three of these pieces still together. This set came from out of the collection of Mary Louise Stanley, through her daughter Chelsea Caty.

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