Red Wing Crock Stoneware Klondike Chicken Water Feeder – Des Moines, Iowa Advertising

Product #G414B

This is an all original old stoneware crock chicken water lid made and signed by ‘Red Wing Union Stoneware Co. Red Wing, Minn.’. Also, stamped onto the crock there is the following wordage, ‘Klondike Chicken Drinking Fount and Buttermilk Feeder – Klondike Incubator Co. – Des Moines, Iowa’. This piece measures 9 1/2″ high and has a bottom diameter of 8″. There would have been an old crock bottom used with this crock chicken watering lid. The condition is all original there is a very tight hair line crack where the water would disperse out for the chickens. ┬áThis is still a great piece of signed Red Wing stoneware that will make a great addition to your Red Wing collections.

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