Antique Rookwood Pottery Vase Dates 1902 – Artist Signed

Product #G788D

Beautiful all original fine example of signed Rookwood pottery vase that dates 1902 and is artist signed on the bottom. I am not certain though of the artist when I compare this signature to the Rookwood reference books. This particular Rookwood piece once was a part of the ‘The Glover Collection – at Cincinnati Art Galleries’ and was exhibit number 0878. This vase measures 7 1/4″ high and is 4″ diameter at the widest point with a 2″ diameter opening at the top and a 2 1/2″ diameter base. This vase is decorated with a detailed and beautiful floral designs that radiates out from the surface of this vase. You will not want to miss adding this Rookwood artist signed vase to your own personal collection!

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