Antique Rookwood Arts & Crafts Vase – Dated 1910 – Turquoise Color

Product #G609D

All original Rookwood marked vase that dates 1910, and is impressed with the number 1812. This is an exceptional Rookwood vase that features a hexagonal shape around the base of the vase and comes to a small opening of just 1″ diameter at the top. The vase stands 7 1/2″ high. The vase is a turquoise varying color, notice how you see the different shades and draping of the colors. Excellent original condition. There is one small flake on the bottom of the vase, which you do not see without turning the vase up side down, and this imperfection could have been there since this vase was originally made. This is a vase that you will not want to miss adding to your Rookwood collection, exceptional coloring and style to this vase!

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