Roseville Apple Blossom Collection – 8 Pieces – 1948

Product #CJ316

Apple Blossom was popular pattern of Roseville from its introduction in 1948 throughout its years of production.  The Apple Blossom pattern is decorated with real looking pink and white apple blossom buds that burst into bloom along gnarled brown limbs. A few green leaves accent the embossed design, and the illusion of early spring branches is carried into naturalized twig-like handles. The smoothly finished blue monotone color provides a wonderful background coloring for this near to nature motif of apple blossoms.  There are a total of 8 pieces that we are offering together for one price. They are all in the popular blue color. This collection of Apple Blossom pottery came from an avid antique collector from North Carolina.



CJ280 Pair of Cornucopia Vases



CJ281 Apple Blossom Pattern – Vase – #382-7″




CJ282 Apple Blossom Pattern – Vase – #385-8″




CJ283 Apple Blossom Pattern – Vase – 10 1/2″ high



CJ284 Apple Blossom Pattern – Bowl – #321-12″




CJ304 Apple Blossom Pattern – Large Handled Basket – #311-12″




CJ305 Wall Pocket Vase – #366-8″



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