Roseville Pottery – Blue Fuchsia or Fuschia Collection – 5 Pieces – 1938

Product #CJ317

Blue Fuchsia was a popular pattern of Roseville from its introduction in 1938 throughout its years of production. The Fuschia pattern features realistic coral pink fuchsia blossoms and green leaves that are embossed on the pottery. Behind the flowers, the background color fades and drifts into another hue, and the smooth matte finish becomes textured. The deep azure blue fades into ivory yellow on the blue Fuchsia Roseville pottery. This is Collection of Blue Fuchsia pottery that we are selling from a collection from an avid antique collector from Florida. There are a total of 5 pieces.



CJ290 Double Handled Vase – #898-8″




CJ289 Double Handled Bowl – #350-8″


CJ288 Basket with Frog Insert – #350-8″
CJ306 Taller Double Handled Vase – #900-9″
CJ307 Small Double Handled Vase – #645-3″


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