Antique Pair of Bohemia Royal Dux Figurines – Woman with Goats – Man with Sheep

Product #G523E

Bohemian Royal Dux pair of figurine statues that depict and young man that is a shepherd of his sheep and then a young woman who is guarding her goats. Notice all the detail on the statues with the different textures and layers of clothing and floral designs at the base of the statues. The man is a shepherd and is soothing the sheep while playing a Turkish style woodwind flute. This statue stands 17 1/4″ high and the base is 6″ in diameter. The woman is a goatherd and has one goat in her arms while two are frolicking at her feet. Again, notice all the detail and all the colors that bring this statue to life. This figurine stands 17 1/4″ high and the base is 6″ diameter. The condition is remarkable on both of these pieces. I just notice a very small nick on the front goat, on the tip of its ear, that I had to look very closely to notice this. Great signatures on the bottoms of both of these items identifying them as Bohemian Royal Dux pieces. Don’t miss adding these remarkable pieces to your home or office. Wonderful emotions of love and caring are brought to one’s mind when you look at these pieces of artwork.

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