Antique Samson Stover Salesman Sample Windmill – Freeport Illinois – 37 1/2″ Height

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Product #M575

Remarkable this fully functional brass Samson Company sales man sample windmill that is a model of the large Samson windmills. The original condition of this piece is very hard to find even has the cast iron base. We are thrilled to be able to find something of this unique quality in such complete and exceptional condition. This windmill measures 37 1/2″ high and the blades have a diameter of 23 1/2″ and the cast iron base is 11 3/4 x 11 3/4″ . The Samson windmill was made by the Stover Mfg. Company of Freeport, Illinois, USA. This windmill was a display piece to help sell a windmill. When the blades turn it produces the same familiar sound that anyone will recognize if you have lived where the wind has powered the large blades. Don’t miss adding this piece to your own collection.

This windmill came from the collection of Larry Tremayne of Omaha, Nebraska. Larry has a passion for antiques and collected anything related to farming he especially liked windmills, windmill weights and weathervanes This is a very neat salesman sample windmill!

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