Antique Segars Cigar Tobacco Advertising Bulldog Print – John Merriam & Company – Dated 1900 – Dog Print

Product #P294E

This John W. Merriam “At the Sign of the Bulldog” picture has excellent detail and notice how the bulldog is embossed on this piece of art, which causes the features of the dog to be brought to life. The frame has a glass frame over it and that outside frame measures 15 3/4″ wide by 19 3/4″ high. The gold frame has a brass plate that reads; “At the Sign of the Bulldog – John W. Merriam & Co”. Then, embossed on the print is the wordage ‘Segars’ in large cursive font along with the wordage, ‘Copyrighted 1900 by John W. Merriam”, and “GIES – CO – Buffalo, NY” below each of the dog’s front paws. Also printed on the left front leg of the bulldog is the wordage, “Copyright 1900 John W. Merriam & Co’.
Here is some history on the Gies Company out of Buffalo, New York. Gies & Co., Buffalo, NY (American, c1871-c1922), were commercial lithographers, engravers, printers, publishers, general book printers, wood engravers, electrotypers, blank book manufacturers, catalogue & pamphlet printers, job & commercial printers, and bookbinders. Charles Gies co-founded the company circa 1871 with another Buffalo lithographer by the name of George H. Dunston under the name Gies & Co. and the company continued in business until around 1922.
This is a very detailed bulldog print that you will not want to miss adding to your own personal bulldog or advertising collection.

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