Antique Mettlach Stein Number – 1/2 Liter – Trier Cathedral

Product #G851

Antique all original Mettlach stein that is marked number 1915 on the bottom, along with the Mettlach wordage and symbol and the words, ‘Gegen Nachbildung – Geschutzt’. This mug is done as a type of ‘print under glaze’ (PUG) and etched type, the lid is inlaid and the design is the Trier Cathedral. This stein measures 8 3/4″ high to the thumb lever on the stein and the diameter on the bottom is 4 1/4″, and the top opening is 3 1/2″ diameter. Note the wordage on this stein, I have been told that it refers to, ‘He who worships God will remain unharmed’. Also notice that there is the artist signature, ‘C. Worth’ marked on this stein. This stein is in the stein reference book by Kirsner on page 85.


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