Super Puzzles – Children Games – in the Box – World Famous Tangled, Twisted Perplexing Puzzles

Product #T883C

This is an exceptional find of an original set of several different super puzzles that are still stored in the original selling box that they were sold in. This collection of puzzles was put together and sold by the ‘A Sherm’s Creation by Sherms, Inc.’ of Bridgeport, Connecticut. The storage box measures 15″ by 12″ and is 1 1/2″ high. There appears to be 18 different puzzles for one to figure out how to solve. There is a phamplet to help one with the World-Famous Perplexing Super Puzzles. If you enjoy a good mind game or have always been one that wants a puzzle then this box of vintage super puzzles is for you, and the original condition is a remarkable find. 1940’s to 1950’s circa.

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