Tin Self Framed Advertising Sign for Occident Flour Milling Company

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Product #M079D

This is a unique all original antique advertising sign that features different stages of the process of making Occident Flour. There is seven glass bubble containers that reveal the steps. 1) Wheat as received from the farmer 2) Wheat washed and scoured 3) Screenings and refuse removed from the wheat 4) Purified patent flour middlings 5) Occident flour ready for use 6) Residue flour removed in making Occident flour 7) Occident wheat feed. What an educational advertising sign this 14″ x 9″ sign is to help one learn the steps of making flour. Occident flour was made by the Russell-Miller Milling Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Notice the slogan which reads, ‘Russell Miller Occident Milling Company flour costs More – Worth It! Sign has been weathered as one can tell from the backside, however the front of the sign is still in very good original condition. Don’t miss adding this educational antique advertising sign to your own personal antique sign collection.

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