Atlas Steam Vaporizer No 111 – Medical Respiratory Treatment

Product #M388

Antique Atlas Steam Vaporizer complete and in the original shipping and storage box with instructions. This instrument was used in the treatment of coughs, colds, sore throat, asthma, catarrh, hay fever and all other diseases of the respiratory tract. The directions state to fill the top container about half full of water and then put in a teaspoonful or to of benzoin or other medicine prescribed by a physician. Alcohol only should be used in the bottom container, and care should be used in not filling it too full. Burn a very low flame; just enough to make the water boil. Flame can be adjusted by pulling the wick up or down with a pin or other sharp instrument. It also shares that the outfit is also convenient for medicating the air in the sick room. Circa early 1900’s. This is an early medical piece and what an exceptional find to still have the original storage and shipping box. The box measures 7 3/4″ long by 3 3/4″ high and 4″ wide.

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