Antique Victorian Walnut Rotary, Adjustable, Sliding Top, Folding Table patented by George Gates-

Patent June 19, 1877

Product #F153F

This table is called ‘The George W. Gates Rotary, Adjustable, Sliding Top Folding Table,  ‘ Patent June 19, 1877′ No. 1 Exchange Place Philadelphia, PA  Geo. W. Gates’. . There is a wealth of information on this desk, in the second drawer it reads; ‘The best Work, Study, Card, or Office table ever manufactured, – The table is a new invention and so constructed that the top may be readily raised or lowered, adjusted to any desired angle, and by means of a Horizontal slide, its position in relation to the center may be changed as desired, and the whole can be folded or unfolded at pleasure. In the sitting room, library or office. It is equally entitled to a place; and for social games cutting, drawing and as a reading desk, etc. it has no equal. Its adaptability to so many and varied uses makes it a necessity in every well finished household. It is the most convenient table ever put into the market. For the sick chamber or hospital it is far superior to any other table. It can be made to project over the bed in any position require, and meets a want which has long been felt by invalids, nurses, and physicians everywhere. It is made in three sizes of black walnut, mahogany, ebony and gilt, or other woods to order, elegantly finished and is at once a model of usefulness and beauty, that cannot fail to prove a Favorite wherever seen and used.

This Victorian table measures 24″ Depth, 32″ Width to a height 28″ adjusting to 38″. This table is in good condition with heavily carved pedestal. The condition is outstanding. There are adjustable pencil or paper holders that can be moved on top or left on the bottom side forming the apron.

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