Antique Toy Auto Wheel Coaster Wagon – Exceptional Original Condition – 1918

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Product #W096

Exceptional original condition on this Auto Wheel Coaster wagon that has the latest patent date of April 2, 1918 posted on the back axle. Notice that this wagon has the No 3 roller bearing that was ‘Mfd. By Auto Wheel Coaster Company Inc. in Tonawanda, New York. The box of the wagon is stamped made by American Toys. The box of this wagon measures 38″ long by 15 1/2″ wide and 4″ high. The overall measurements are 21″ wide by 15″ high to the edge of the box and 44 1/2″ long, with the pull handle being another 28 1/2″ long. This is one of the nicest original condition coaster wagons that we have been able to offer for sale. We are thrilled that we found this piece. Don’t miss adding this to your antique collection.


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