Antique Folk Art Carved Dated 1914 Walking Stick – Snake, Salamander, Fish and Frog

Product #W418E


A remarkable piece of early carved folk art that is dated 1914 right below the top carved knob on this walking stick. This magnificent cane has been intricately carved out of a single piece of wood  with numerous carved figures suggestive of Native American motif. Originally purchased at a country auction in the Mohawk Valley of New York. The carving consist of a bird and nest with two eggs, a salamander, a large rattlesnake wound around the cane in the act of biting a fish, a frog, a turtle and a second fish. There is a unique top open sectional incasement that secures a couple of beads that will move when using the cane. The walking stick measures 34 1/2″ long the end is capped with a brass tip. At the widest point on the knob this piece measures 1 3/8″ diameter.


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