Large Companion Pair of Wave Crest Mantel Ewers or Tall Urns

Product #G477D

Excellent all original companion pair of ornate urns that are decorated with touching scenes of young children enjoying nature while resting in the branches of a tree. Notice how the decorated sides of each of the urns allows the urns to be facing each other which makes for an excellent decorating feature with this companion pair. The urns are tall and impressive measuring just under 17″ high, while the diameter across the Wave Crest centers is approximately 5″ wide. Very ornate and scrolling brass ormolu stands and top handles and pouring spouts are equally beautiful to the Wave Crest center sections that these urns depict. If you collect Wave Crest you will not want to miss adding this fine set to your own personal collection. There are a floral decorated set of these urns features in the antique reference book, ‘Wave Crest – The Glass of C.F. Monroe’ by Wilfred R. Cohen on page 69.



C.F. Monroe History Wave Crest, Kelva and Nakara

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