Roseville Pottery Double handle Vase – Wisteria – 10 1/2″ height

Product #GJ152

Beautiful double handled vase that is a fine example of Wisteria Roseville. The Wisteria pattern is lavishly embossed with falling clusters of lavender blossoms and green leaves and vines that drape lazily across the heavily textured background. The basic color of light terra cotta, blends with the green and lavender colors nicely. This vase measures 10 1/2″ high and at the widest from handle to handle is 6 3/4″ while the diameter of the top is 6 1/2″ diameter, and the base is 6 1/2″ as well. There is a Roseville silver label on the underside. (note the small chip on the one side of the rim) Don’t miss adding this fine piece of Roseville to your own personal Wisteria Roseville collection.



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