Antique Yo-Yo Quilt – 82″ x 96″ –

Product #Q058C

This beautiful yo-yo quilt almost defies description! It is a real show-stopper! It is made up of hundreds of small “yo-yos”– each about 1 1/2″ diameter. It is totally hand-sewn and is in exceptional condition! This quilt measures 82″ by 96″. So it would fit nicely on a queen size matteress. There is several cream colored yoyo circles that make up the outside sqares on this quilt and on the inside of each square there is 25 varying colored yoyo circles. Hours and hours went into the making of this gorgeous quilt! It’s a true treasure!
This quilt was purchased in Moberly, Missouri from the home of Dorothy Robb (deceased). She was an avid antique dealer in the Moberly, Missouri area for years.

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