Amphora Art Pottery Deco Vase Dates 1923 – 13 inches height!

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Brightly and fully decorated is this Amphora pottery 13″ high vase with bold and dark colors of blues, yellows, greens, and bright white that decorate the deco floral theme of this vase. The bottom of the vase is marked, ‘Amphora – Made in Czecho-Slovakia’ and has the impressed numbers of ’23’ and 15124. Notice the blotted texturized backing of this vase which covers the entire surface making this vase beautiful and bold. At the widest point this vase measures 6 1/4″ diameter, while the base is 4″ diameter and the very top opening is 2 1/4″ diameter. This is a beautiful vase that is in excellent all original condition.

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