Amphora Pottery Vase with Cockerel Theme of Rooster Chicken

Product #G108D

Amphora pottery Vase with a Cockerel theme of a full figured rooster perched on the top edge of the vase with flowing tail feathers that drape down onto the edge of the vase. Embossed around the edges of the vase is a seeded grass design and all of these have been covered in darker colors of blue and green color tones. The bottom is marked with an embossed Amphora signature that refers this piece to being an Amphora – Riessner & Kessel items and dates this vase to the 1899  to 1900 time period.  ‘Jmperial – Amphora – Turn’ is on the signature along with the impressed wordage of, ‘Amphora’ – ‘Austria’ and the numbers, ’52’ and ‘4521’. Original condition measures 10 1/2″ high and at the widest is approximately 9″ diameter. The base is 6″ diameter and the top opening is 5″ diameter.

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