Antique Points and Petals Pattern Appliquéd Quilt – Pink and White Pastel Colors

Product #Q596

This is an appliquéd quilt made from a pattern variation of “Points & Petals”. This is a quilt from the turn of the century. When you hold it to the light, one can see a cotton lining full of cotton seeds. The size is 102”x84” and the quilting is very nice and evenly stitched with tiny stitches, stitches 8 to the 1” on the topside of the quilt. I wish I could get you a photo where you can see how tiny the stitches are around the folded edge of the petals. They are so small they are nearly invisible to the naked eye. I have seen many pieces of appliquéd work; never have I seen tiny stitches like this quilt. The border of this quilt is made up of a strip of white and a strip of pink fabric. These strips have been sewed by machine around the entire quilt. The design that is quilted on this quilt edge is rather unique and if you will bear with me, I’ll try and describe the quilting. The pink part of the border is quilted with diagonal row of ¾” squares. The narrower white border has a running design. This design looks like the triangle that makes ¼ of the center of the flower of the quilt and it flows into a design that looks like three petals of the quilt’s flower. These designs are intertwined, every other one, all around the border of quilt. The design in the background is either a feather wreath or a wreath of leaves. This quilt is certainly enhanced by the quilting design. The quilt has been used but it is not worn. Someone left this quilt on a bed with the right side of the foot of the bed sitting in front of a window. The sun shone through the window and faded the one corner of the quilt. The only time this is noticeable is when the quilt is not on a bed. The choice of the fabric colors really adds to this quilt. The golden yellow of the flower centers, the dark pink or dusty rose background of the petals, the and the soft pink fabric that makes up the quilts background; all this adds up to great eye appeal. The quilt is completed with a hand stitched rolled edge that finished off most of the early quilts. The quilt came from one of the earlier settled parts of Nebraska, Nemaha County. 


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