Antique Self Framed Advertising Sign of John L. Sullivan Boxer for Hohenadel Beer

Product #M009

All original self framed advertising sign of the super champion – well earned supremacy John L. Sullivan boxer that advertises for ‘Hohenadel Beer’. Well Earned Supremacy is the slogan that they state to place John Sullivan in the same category as Hohenadel Beer. This self framed sign measures 17″ wide by 23″ high. On the back side of the sign it reads, ‘American Art Works, Inc. Coshocton, Ohio’. There is also instructions that read, ‘To keep this sign clean and bright wipe the surface of it every thirty days with a damp cloth. The condition is very good original condition. Someone has put nail holes around the outer frame of this sign to attach it to the wall. The overall original condition of this sign however is still very good original condition. Don’t miss adding this sign to your own personal antique advertising collection.

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